Ricardo Gomez

Ricardo Gomez is an architect, marketing specialist and photographer. He is known for his architecture and landscape, colorful, photographs, often using a different point of view. His works reach high popularity among photography lovers.

Ricardo was born in Bogota, Colombia. He discovered his passion for photography at a young age, traveling around the country and capturing the moments he experienced. He studied architecture, which shaped his photography style for the coming years. He has experience in the construction industry and marketing, working for big corporations. His photography skills have proven handy during his career, where he photographed different construction projects.

He dedicated the most part of his professional career to the Swiss company Sika, a specialist in chemicals used for construction. Ricardo was in charge of the marketing team for the Swiss market, where he could merge his know-how in construction and photography.

Visually, Ricardo is drawn to man-made spaces as well as to nature. His photography tries to provide a different point of view to the observer, trying to make us see differently. He succeeds in capturing various objects from the urban landscape as well as from nature: facades, balconies, materials, flowers, lakes, mountains. Under the lens of the camera, the photographs reveal the importance of minute details or endlessly repeated patterns. A play of shapes and light takes place: the softness of the curves contrasts with the hardness and depth, which brings density to the image and takes the observer into a different place.

From Zürich to Los Angeles, from Europe to Asia or to South America, Ricardo is always trying to capture the perfect angle, to astonish the viewer.

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